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Cleopatra Honey 250g


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Amber Pale in color, with a pleasant smell and mild taste that is slow to crystallize. Ancient Egyptians used honey as a nutrient for the skin.It is called Cleopatra Honey because Queen Cleopatra took great care of her beauty and used honey mask as a cosmetic. It is the best skin cleanser and nutrient, protecting it from signs of aging.

How to use (For skin)

A mask for the face need to be used, or take one teaspoon of this honey and dissolve it in teaspoon water (oily skin, half a small lemon should be pressed in the mixture) and massage all skin with it, even the lips and around the eyes. Then leave it for 15 minutes. After that, clean the skin with warm water before and after use. That should be three times a week for a month, then once a week. Also, this is the best way to smooth skin of hands and legs. With the addition of pollen, the benefits for the skin multiply and no other mixture can match it. For your knowledge, this honey is 100% natural, eatable, good for public health, and especially nutritious for children for its lightness and exceptional taste. However, it is experienced in beautifying (as a cosmetics)on the way the beautiful Queen Cleopatra would use to keep her skin smooth and healthy in that ancient time.

Medical benefits:

Useful in treating respiratory tract diseases
flu sinuses cough
asthma phlegm  
Useful for disorders of the digestive system as it increases the activity of the intestines and does not cause fermentation for those suffering from digestive system diseases, nor does it cause irritation to the walls of the digestive tracts
good for the stomach colon acidity
constipation diarrhea and stomach ulcer



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